Go back in time with D3 Audit

Prove your market conformity. Wouldn’t it be great to simply go back in time? Being able to remember what was going on in the market at a certain moment? With D3 audit you can. Our price tracking solution builds a 24/7 data pool – be it weeks, months or up to several years into the past. It lets you review the market and recognize long-term trends.

By tracking both raw market prices and your own price publications, it is your central and comprehensive record book for all incoming and outgoing prices.

Back your controlling with facts. Do you see yourself confronted with increasing local regulations? D3 audit helps you to be well-prepared for external audits to meet the requirements of financial authorities. By tracking relevant market prices from various feeds you obtain a solid reference to check against – if you wish even statistically validated. Compliance officers will appreciate the ability to recap more than just final prices of a deal: market prices from different vendors, your trader’s quotes, status and volume information about the closed deals. This deep insight turns a single price into a complete scenario.

Key features

  • Data pool consisting of past weeks, months or years
  • Tracking of raw market prices as well as your own prices
  • Keep record of all incoming and outgoing rates
  • Tracking of all relevant market prices from various feeds
  • Recap a complete deal history: final price of a deal compared to different market prices, traders quote, status and volume
  • Export your chosen data excerpt into Excel.
audit Screenshot

Satisfy Customer Requests

Clarifying requests about past quotes once was tricky: With different platforms and custom price building algorithms involved, the complexity branches out by design. Now you just can lean back: Since every export price stream is constantly monitored, D3 audit just waits for your query to let you accurately respond to customer requests whenever you need to. Simply take a snapshot of the designated moment, and you get a data excerpt in a nutshell.

Analyze and Forecast

Step back and get the big picture of market trends. With its gradually accumulating data pool, D3 audit is your profound basis for a recap. Analyze long-term developments and reveal correlations to drive your strategic direction. The Excel® export lets you easily access the data excerpt of your interest for scenario evaluation and forecast modeling.

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