Go back in time with D3 Audit

With D3 Audit you can review the market up to several years in the past and recognise long-term trends. Tracking both raw market prices and your own price publications, it is your central and comprehensive record book for all incoming and outgoing prices, allowing you to satisfy customer requests or to analyse long-term developments and reveal correlations to drive your strategic direction.

D3 audit helps you to prepare for external audits, to meet the requirements of financial authorities. By tracking relevant market prices from various feeds you obtain a solid reference for checks. Compliance officers can review more than just final prices of a deal – with D3 Audit you can check market prices from different vendors, your trader’s quotes, status and volume information about the closed deals.

Key features

  • Data pool comprises past weeks, months or years
  • Tracking of raw market prices as well as your own
  • Record all incoming and outgoing rates
  • Tracking of all relevant market prices from various feeds
  • Ability to recap a complete deal history
  • Export your chosen data excerpt into Excel
audit Screenshot

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