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Document management with agorum® core

Agorum® core is an open source based document management system that seamlessly integrates into the workplace of your company and paves the way for the paperless office. With agorum® core, all documents and e-mails are stored centrally in a database, for example Postgres, MySQL, MS-SQL or Oracle. The file storage can be opened by any agorum® core user and a roles and rights management helps to display the corresponding documents only to authorized persons.

Storing of documents is carried out with a simple drag-and-drop application via the integrated DMS drive in Windows Explorer or via the scanning of documents. The agorum® core workflow DocForm works with an OCR text identifier and is able to store the scanned documents (such as invoices or delivery notes) appropriately in the DMS. A full-text search helps you finding related documents. 

For practice usage, agorum® core offers the possibility to store all documents in a revision-proof way. This allows you to take care of your day-to-day business, as the agorum® core reminds you of the expired audit time after the deadline or deletes the documents automatically after the retention period.

For a more detailed product description, we recommend the manufacturer page

DIGITEC Business Integration helps you set up the agorum® core document management system in your company. Together we set your workflows to help your company achieve greater efficiency. You can also connect agorum® core with SugarCRM and Open-Xchange. Access your document management system directly from your contact management system.

The perfect integration into the Open-Xchange interface for efficient collaboration with agorum® core has been realized by DIGITEC and is explained in the following blog article: