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The Business Integration Server (B.I.S.)

What is the B.I.S., what does it do exactly?

The Business Integration Server (B.I.S.) is an integration platform for server-side synchronization of data between various groupware solutions and customer / contact management systems (CRM or ERP). The emphasis is on data that can be easily and sensibly mapped in a groupware environment, such as, for example, contacts in address books, tasks and appointments. As a result, the groupware becomes more and more an integration platform, which provides all relevant information for the day-to-day business and, if necessary, is interlinked with the corresponding business application via "Quick Links".


As a platform-independent solution, based on modern Java technology, the B.I.S. can easily be installed. A web-based administration interface makes it easy to set up and configure different data sources for synchronization.The modular design and the pen architecture allow easy expansion of the system by connectors for additional data sources. The standard package includes, but is not limited to, the MS Exchange, Office365, OpenXchange App Suite, Google, Zimbra Groupware, SugarCRM6.5.x, Sugar7, SuiteCRM, Vtiger and XING adapters. As a scalable and multitenant solution, the Business Integration Server is also ideally suited for large environments of service providers, who can integrate services from their own portfolio or those of their customers and thus create offers that go far beyond email and personnel information management.

Please take a look at our product information video:

How does the B.I.S. look like?

Synchronization solution - who needs it?
Application of B.I.S. based on an example

The Business Integration Server from DIGITEC is suitable for all companies with customer management. On the following page we would like to show you, with an example of a concrete midsized company, how the B.I.S. can also make your customer administration more efficient. To the example

What are the advantages of B.I.S.?

Your business benefits from the B.I.SThe B.I.S. offers a tremendous simplification and improvement of communication, as all information relevant to day-to-day business - including those from connected business applications or social networks - is available. The error-prone reconciliation of customer-relevant data is no longer necessary.

This minimizes errors, saves time, and ultimately increases productivity in all customer-oriented business processes.

Who helps me with installation or when somenthing doesn’t work?

Do not worry, we do not leave you alone with the B.I.S. The installation and configuration is very simple and will be accompanied by us on request. Even after implementation and go-live we are happy to help with our professional support.

You can choose between standard support via email or hotline, in which you are directly connected to one of our qualified DIGITEC technicians, or you can also opt for a service quota, which allows you to access administrative tasks or inquiries about function and operation. For more details on this please check our Service & Support siteWe also welcome any feature requests you might have. 

Between which applications can you synchronize data?

Available Connectors

  • Microsoft Exchange Server from 2010
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Hosted Exchange Systems
  • Open-Xchange 6.x
  • Open-Xchange App Suite
  • Google contacts, appointments, tasks
  • KIX Professional (OTRS)
  • SugarCRM from 6.4
  • SugarCRM from 7.1
  • vtiger CRM from Rev. 5.1
  • VTC
  • CRM+
  • MyCRM
  • SuiteCRM from 7.6
  • XING contacts
  • Zimbra
  • LinkedIn contacts (with strong limitations)

Available Client PlugIns

  • Outlook 2013
  • Outlook 2010
  • Open-Xchange App Suite Quicklinks and Email Export
    (for VtigerCRM, SugarCRM and SuiteCRM)

Roadmap 2018

  • Features
    AD/LDAP link
    Synchronization filter
    Synchronization of recurring calendar entries between CRM and Groupware
  • Connectors
    CalDAV / CardDAV

How do I get the B.I.S.?

- The B.I.S. can be obtained directly via DIGITEC (as a Linux package download). For individual access to the repository, please contact us. The product can be tested without obligation for 30 days free of charge. A price information can be found in the download area.
- The B.I.S. can be obtained easily via the Univention App Center. For this purpose, a download is available for all users of the Univention Corporate Server. The B.I.S. can also be tested free of charge for 30 days (link to the Univention App Catalog).