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eZ core for Open-Xchange

What is eZ core?

With eZ core you get a powerful extension for the Open-Xchange App Suite. It will help you to organize and access all business relevant information by just one click. 

How does eZ core work?

Link your groupware items

eZ core is a native Open-Xchange plug-in and seamlessly integrates into the App Suite. With eZ core you can link groupware items together. So you can connect an email to a task. And a task to a contact or an appointment. You get the idea? Once you open e.g. an appointment in the calendar you also get all other related items as well.

Manage your contacts

Add documents, emails, tasks and events to any contact in your address book. Assign business contacts to your account records. So, for example, you can view and access all employees of a particular company from one address book entry.

Organize events and tasks 

With eZ core you can add tasks, contacts, documents and emails to your appointments to organize events in your Open-Xchange calendar. You can create subtasks and link related information at every level of task organization.

Track your activities

 Let your tasks become important business activities rather than a simple “to-do-list" by linking your tasks to the related business items. They become more relevant and useful.  

Better view on your activities

Use the configurable grid view to manage large amounts of data in address books and tasks modules. Flag all groupware items by user defined tags and make them available in a consolidated view of clickable links. 

Is eZ core the right solution for me?

Pimp your OX

eZ core is the right solution for every Open-Xchange user, who has client contacts, a fairly filled calendar and some tasks to complete. So it's basically for everybody who wants to organize the daily business – small or large – in the easiest way possible. Isn't that eZ?

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