Boost your Business

eZ project for Open-Xchange

Why eZ project?

We don’t want to replace your resource management system, but with eZ project you get a smart collaborative business project and workflow management module exclusively for the App Suite. With this native Open-Xchange Plugin you access all project relevant information by just one click and create related activities from wherever you are in App Suite. eZ project will save you time and improve productivity by making everyday business processes easier and intuitive to handle.

Boost your productivity with eZ project

Manage your project stages

Manage virtually anything as a simple business project. Organize and manage business projects with configurable stages like “in planning” or “in development” or “done”. View and operate project stages in a Kanban-like board.

Manage project processes and activities

Easily manage whom you follow up with and when. Task and activity management help ensure that your projects are getting the attention they deserve and nothing gets forgotten. Track all activities and related documents in a single intuitive view and share them across your project teams.

Benefits when using eZ project for Open-Xchange App Suite

  • Increase Productivity – Don’t waste time by looking for email messages, documents, or tasks related to an event, contact, project or customer. 
  • Track, review and audit information related to projects, events, contacts, customers...etc
  • Let technology work for you - Information relevant to your work at your finger tips
  • Spend time on your business instead of looking for information

Workflow management made Easy

Link all relevant information

As a project organizer or team member, you’ve got a lot of information to track. As you work on different projects you can easily link documents, tasks, events, contacts and even email records to create a virtual object of all pieces and parts that are relevant to a project, event or customer. 

See where every bit of data fits in the larger picture

Once this virtual object by interlinked data is in place, you can easily track and review all information relevant to a task, project, event, customer, or more. Better yet, as this information changes, eZ project for OX will keep track and continually update your virtual blueprint.

Please also have a look at the core functionality of eZ core, because this plug-in is the basis for eZ project. 

Download product information sheet for eZ project