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Synchronization with Business Integration Server B.I.S.

In addition to the former integration and synchronization solution OXSynCRM, which was successfully used by companies with several hundred employees and several hundreds of thousands of objects, we have developed a generic solution with the Business Integration Server, which supports further collaboration platforms and customer-/contact management systems. The groupware used is increasingly becoming an integration platform, which allows simple and direct access to detailed business information via plugins or extensions of the Web GUI.

eZ plug-ins for Open-Xchange App Suite

Business organization becomes easy with DIGITEC’s set of Open-Xchange plug-ins:

Using eZ core as a solid backbone to assemble your own business objects makes it easy to create simple workflows. Based on this core functionality, the eZ sales add-on provides CRM-like management of customers and opportunities seamlessly integrated into Open-Xchange App Suite. Non-profit organisations use eZ project to manage and control virtually any business workflow as a dedicated project living in the Open-Xchange groupware.