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E-Mail archiving with REDDOXX

Find e-mails faster and archive them legally secured!

Companies of all sizes can archive their e-mail communication with the REDDOXX solutions in a legally compliant and long-term way, protect themselves effectively against unwanted spam messages and securely communicate confidential content. REDDOXX makes many e-mail traffic processes more efficient and supports all relevant procedures. At the same time, REDDOXX solutions can dramatically reduce the load on the IT infrastructure and help companies reduce their investment in storage capacity and file systems.

REDDOXX is one of the leading solution providers for efficient, legally compliant e-mail management. The product lines of the German provider cover the three main areas of e-mail archiving, anti-spam & virus protection and digital signature & encryption.

As a premium partner, we support you in all matters relating to the setup and operation of the REDDOXX products MailDepot, SpamFinder and MailSealer by our qualified staff and customized service offers.

E-mail archiving with REDDOXX MailDepot

  • Legal e-mail archiving according to DSGVO and GOBD
  • Audit-proof storage of all e-mails
  • Simplest operation for the user 
  • Web browser access and smartphone / tablet app
  • Full-text search in emails and attachments in seconds

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Antispam and virus protection with REDDOXX Spamfinder

  • Integrated virus protection also in documents and archives
  • Automatic filters individually expandable
  • Reducing the load on the e-mail server by receiver check

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Encryption with REDDOXX MailSealer

    • Signature and Email Encryption Gateway
    • REDDOXX passphrase (MailSealer Light)
    • Central set of rules, flexibly definable
    • Signature and e-mail encryption with S / MIME

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