Linking to external traders, branches and affiliates as well as to corporate customers is the domain of DeaLite, the solution for de-centralized trading with end-customers and agents. DeaLite takes the part of both Front- and Back-Office: Easy-to-use trader interface with price calculation and position keeping is included in Dealite as well as the settlement range of functions, which is adopted from DeaLane kernel services.


DeaLite stands for trading in different categories

Brokers and agents can close local deals with their customers, act like a broker and arrange deals between customers and the funding bank or trade with the bank for their own account. The Bank working with DeaLite can pickup trades from its brokers and directly close deals with customers, e.g. big corporates.
Business transactions are mostly automated and users can be offered scaled prices according to trade volume and individual conditions. The system provides margin points or fees for sales forces. The user-interface has been specially designed for the semi-professional user with self-explaining window layouts and intuitive operation.
If negotiations seem to be inevitable the ‘Direct Dealing' feature allows direct quoting and transaction acceptance by the central trader.

Instruments and Features

DeaLite covers 
» FX spot, forward, swap
» FX orders  (optional module)
» MM loans/deposits and call money
» Bonds  (optional module)
DeaLite comes along with
»  spot position management
»  forward sheet
»  P/L figures
»  self explaining deal capture
»  transaction history
»  various inquiry functions, export to Excel®
»  clients database management (including standard settlement instructions)
»  price overviews
»  margins/fees management tool
»  Direct Dealing/Chat Dealing

Direct Dealing

allows direct communication between traders (realtime chat) and offers way to close deals not configured for the standard trading, particularly with regard to individual pricing.

Back Office Processing

DeaLite’s BO module provides complete settlement of deals closed by the trading locations and generates all output documents: confirmations, payment orders, accounting records. A high degree of STP can be reached using DeaLite while manual intervention and modification is still possible and easy.

The daily routine work is supported by dedicated worklists and query functions. All output documents are available in XML-format too. This allows customers to bring their own procedures in place and define individual layouts without changing program code.

Further, DeaLite can be enhanced by optional modules such as bond trading and FX orders.