Software for the professional Trading Room

Financial Technology

DIGITEC is developing innovative software products in the area of trading with financial instruments. Our core competencies are real-time client/server applications, outstanding knowledge of financial theory, and years of experience in trading room technologies. Our customers are more than 20 global acting banks from Europe, America, Asia and Australia with strong focus on trading.

D3 product family

Mastering today’s challenges in the Foreign Exchange and Money Markets can only be done by operating state of the art software solutions that scale with complexity, fast growing markets and big data. The new D3 product family accomplishes these tasks using its unique design, flexible architecture and the experienced team behind it. The modular structure meets every trading room’s requirements and adapts to the needs of even the most demanding users.

Swaps Data Feed

The Swaps Data Feed (SDF) is a unique, independent and reliable source of Swaps market data from the FX OTC market. 360T and DIGITEC have built a data pool from major banks that are streaming FX Swaps into the award winning 360T infrastructure. Streams are anonymised, aggregated and filtered. 

The Swaps Data Feed offers an innovative solution to key market issues:

  • round the clock reliability in the FX Swap market
  • independent market data that reflects the real market, created by pricing engines and traders
  • as well as the need for FX prices around turn and other special dates

Historical Data Feed

The Historical Data Feed is technically based on D3 audit, our price tracking solution. All data provided via the Swaps Data Feed is being recorded, stored and accessible through API or a web based interface to our clients. 

With this service, we managed to achieve three main goals for our clients: 

  • Analysis and display of historical data
  • Transaction cost analysis
  • Benchmark rates

D3 Hosted Trading Infrastructure

You get the best out of DIGITEC and our Partner 360T: The combination of DIGITEC’S well-known D3 Pricing and 360T’s award winning multi-bank trading platform for FX and MM products. This partnership allows us to provide banks with a complete solution to today’s required trading infrastructure on a pay-as-you-go cost structure.

Back office excellence DeaLane

DeaLane sets a new standard for the settlement of trades. Originating from practice latest technologies have been applied to build this product. DeaLane is future-proof and first choice for your MM and FX back office.