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DIGITEC reshuffles D3 Senior Management Team

After Wolfgang Hübel's retirement Andreas Kiesselbach now named Director.

After 30 years of working devotedly for DIGITEC our dear colleague Wolfgang Hübel retired. "Digitec's Management is grateful for Wolfgang's service and congratulates him on his 30 years of leadership of what has become one of the premier financial technology providing companies in the world," said H.J. Joost, CEO of DIGITEC.

DIGITEC renews its membership in the Wedeler Hochschulbund

We are delighted to be able to renew the partnership with the Wedeler Hochschulbund. The Wedeler Hochschulbund e.V. has committed itself to thepromotion of research and teaching. DIGITEC is happy to support with financial resources, as well as with job and internship offers for the students. Some talented graduates have already begun their professional career at DIGITEC and we are looking forward to more highly qualified employees from the Fachhoschule Wedel.

Digitec runs for a good cause

For the fourth time our team participated in the HSH Nordbank Run in Hamburg. By doing so we support the "Children Help Children" campaign. The initiative allows for special therapies and holiday stays, assists in the purchase of handicapped sports and toys, takes over the cost of medical equipment and prevention and helps individually in numerous cases.

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