D3 OMS for the automation of Interbank FX Swaps trading

D3 OMS is a new Order Management System that automates interdealer FX Swaps workflows and connects to trading venues.

Position Management, Risk Management, OMS and EMS functionality are combined within the module to increase workflow automation and enable traders to connect to and efficiently place orders in the interdealer FX Swaps market.

D3 OMS enables traders to automate and enhance their current workflows, managing interdealer FX Swaps orders from a single screen. It supports two sided continuous orders which are automatically updated by the D3 pricing engine. D3 OMS also has the flexibility to send pegged and discretionary orders, allowing quantity and price to be partially hidden, so that a trader’s forward curve is not broadcast to the market.

Furthermore, it facilitates traders to have one view of their curve and have the ability to join the market and place an order where the market is, rather than where their curve is.

FX Swaps trading between banks and buy-side clients, the so-called dealer-to-client channel, is already highly electronic. However, the interdealer market has been slower to migrate towards more electronic trading, mainly due to the complexity of pricing along the forward curve.

The system offers advanced order management capability using specialised logic built for the FX Swaps market and combining DIGITEC’s unique expertise and experience across workflow automation and trading, driving new levels of automation in this market.

D3 OMS is currently connected to 360T SUN and LSEG FX Forwards Matching, with more venues to be added.