Market Data

FX Swaps and Precious Metals Market Data

Partnering with 360T, we offer a comprehensive set of market data feeds to the Global Financial and Investment community. Market participants receive quality and actionable information, essential to supporting confident price discovery and competitive price determination.

The multi award-winning Swaps Data Feed (SDF) is a unique, independent and reliable source of swaps market data from the FX OTC market. 360T and DIGITEC have built a pool of data from participating D3 clients and liquidity providers that are streaming FX Swaps into the 360T infrastructure.

Streams are anonymised, aggregated and filtered. The result is a data feed based on participating banks raw pricing, not including any sales skew or client margining, thus representative and of Interbank quality.Outliers are removed to discount individual skew; holiday rules are included.

Next to the SDF, DIGITEC and 360T also offer the Precious Metals Data Feed (PMF). Leveraging the same technology and design underpinning the SDF, the PMF provides a live streaming rate reasonability curve which is derived from banks’ core pricing engines.

In addition to the SDF and PMF, DIGITEC and 360T have built a Historical Data Feed (HDF) – a historical data access for back-testing, rate reasonability and model building.



Reliable market data by pricing engines and traders


Access to special dates such as turn dates, IMMs, central bank meetings



Real-time and historic data including crosses and broken dates



via FIX API, view only web GUI, within the 360T trading solution or via DIGITEC’s D3 Pricing engine

Swaps Data Feed

Independent source of Swaps data from the FX OTC market offering full granularity in over 40 pairs and in an unlimited number of crosses in G10, LM and NDF currency pairs.

Precious Metals Data Feed

Independent source of Precious Metals data from the OTC market offering full granularity across the curve in tenors from ON up to 2Y for XAU/USD and XAG/USD. 

Historical Data Feed

The Historical Data Feed allows you to go back in time. Our price tracking solution builds a 24/7 data pool – be it weeks or several months into the past.

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