D3 pricing

Best pricing solution for FX and MM trading

Market leading FX PRICING engine

Used by more than 45 of the world’s leading FX trading banks, D3 is a scalable pricing solution offering high usability and low latency, while allowing real-time monitoring of forward curves with instant intervention and full audit trails.

D3 scales perfectly with your demands, whether you run a small local setup or build a globally networked ecosystem with multiple trading rooms spread all over the world. The pricing engine is made for banks of all sizes.

D3’s highly specialized modules are designed to serve traders, quants and analysts without compromise. In the background, all threads run together and characterize what makes D3 outstanding in the market: It is powered by one central core that hosts all predefinitions, performs all calculations and handles all requests from connected systems.

No matter what your aim is – add a new currency, refine an interpolation method or set up the global handover process – changes can be done in seconds and distributed instantly to all connected users.

d3 pricing workflow

Date Stream

Data Stream

Connect seamlessly to multiple data sources and trading apps. No limitations on currencies or quote amounts



Choose between several different pricing models like algo averages or interest rate calculations

Global Integration

Global integration

Share information across your organisation in real time


Highly scalable, future-proof technology

D3 Sheets

FX and Money Markets rate management application, covering cross and arbitrage calculations.

D3 Curves

Toolbox for the modelling process of robust yield curves

D3 Websheets

Read-only web client for the sales desk

D3 Elements

Serves internal clients, external e-trading platforms and other systems.

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