D3 hosted

You can become a competitive eFX market maker

D3 now comes as a fully scalable SaaS solution that lives up to the very same standards as previous on-site installations, while setup and maintenance have never been simpler.

Our customers not only benefit from significantly lower hardware investments and freed-up resources, but the setup can now also be completed within a few days. Customers also appreciate the new pricing flexibility of D3 hosted. While costly licenses are tied to lengthy evaluation processes and long-term commitments, D3 is now subscription-based, offering the highest level of control over costs and runtimes. In combination with D3 hosted, DIGITEC offers a 24h managed service that assumes full administration of the product for our customers.

Connectivity is guaranteed – similar to on-site models, our cloud-hosted solution offers interfaces with all common market data import providers (Refinitiv Elektron™, Bloomberg B-PIPE™, Autobahn™, 360T Liquidity Providers, etc) and with downstream systems (360T™, Refinitiv fxAll™, Aphelion™, Smart-Trade™, etc).

D3 becomes even more powerful when combined with our DIGITEC/360T’s ‘Swaps Data Feed’, which provides Swaps market data of raw interbank quality in an unlimited number of crosses in G10, LM and NDF currency pairs. From global actors to local champions, with a combination of D3 and the SDF, banks of any size can become competitive market makers.

Key Advantages of D3 hosted:

  •  State-of-the-art infrastructure, located in industry-leading data centers within key financial hubs
  • Ultra-low latency as well as the highest level of security and reliability are guaranteed
  • Freed-up resources – setup, installation and configuration are all provided, in addition to the ongoing management and monitoring of infrastructure
  • Flexible and cost-efficient pricing structure
  • Ability to easily scale computing power and customer/feeds cross connects
  • DIGITEC’s managed service (optional) takes care of the entire D3 administration
  • Free D3 trial installations can be set up within days
  • With an additional subscription to our award-winning Market Data Feed, the Digitec/360T Swaps Data Feed, any bank (from top 100 banks to local champions) can become a competitive market maker
  • No risk of hardware malfunction – our SLAs ensure the software runs without any downtime
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Moving from on-site to SaaS, modern cloud-hosting providers offer the highest level of security and state of the art infrastructure, making digital transformation and acceleration possible. Hosted in industry-leading EQUINIX™ data centers across all major financial hubs, we partner with Beeks Financial Cloud™, the first choice Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider for low-latency financial markets.

Last but not least, full software security and secure internet transactions (TLS, HTTPS) are of course guaranteed, and we work exclusively via VPN connections and with IP whitelisting.

On-site installations can be evaluated on request.

Managed Service

In combination with D3 hosted, DIGITEC offers a 24h managed service that takes on the full D3 administration for our customers.

We know that time is a scarce commodity within banking environments, so our managed service takes care of everything from general maintenance to defining pricing models and updating of static data. Our customers benefit not only from freed-up resources but also from the assurance that their D3 system is capably set up and maintained by experts who know the product best.

Key Advantages of Managed Service:

  • Maintenance of static dat
  • Consulting on new models, adjustments and general setup
  • Help and advice with building pricing models
  • Monitoring of D3 installation
  • Immanent help with error analysis and avoidance

DIGITEC’s managed service allows for a streamlined flow between the product and the experience, providing hassle-free solutions for our customers.

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