Manage your prices

Today’s Foreign Exchanges and Money Markets provide you with vast amounts of data from various sources. D3 sheets enables you to compress this information to its essence and build your own accurate prices for arbitrary points in time.

It offers powerful tools to organize and arrange custom-tailored price sheets. Key indicators of current market movements are easy to grasp through concise market overviews. All this gives you a highly efficient way to manage your prices.

Key Features

  • Develop your own pricing strategy using a wide range of adjustments.
  • Spreads, margins or skews that can be layered onto your curve.
  • Control of special dates like central bank meetings and quarter turns through either manual or automatic alterations.
  • Live sanity checks identify and visualize prices going off-market.
  • Exclude suspicious prices or un-publish the entire stream within seconds.
  • Have full control over several simultaneous price sheets with user individual desktops and a sheet monitor.
  • Adjustable graphs show the full curve from different angles
  • Overview of all available market data sources including internal price sheets like yield curves.
sheets Screenshot

D3 sheets supports you in seamlessly integrating your price sheets into today’s business running 24/7. Unfolding one sheet to a variety of pricing instances – each focusing on your designated target group – allows you to provide your clients with a constant flow of high quality rates. Automatic cross calculations, forward-forwards and broken date requests are paired with price tier options to offer a full range of customizable streams.

Your distribution is further supported through automatic schedulers that will handle tasks as complex as global hand-over, day change across different time zones or closing rates for specific currencies for you. D3 sheets is your essential partner to connect your global network.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the D3 pricing engine.