An ideal extension

D3 websheets is a white-label read-only version for the sales desk. It works as an extension to your D3 desktop client. No software installation is necessary, you simply use it with your Chrome, Edge or Firefox Internet Browser and only need the URL to start working with it. It allows you to distribute your prices globally with the greatest ease.

With D3 websheets you can access any D3 price sheet and calculate any cross combination and broken date exactly like you can do with the D3 desktop client. Several sales desks or even clients are getting accurate price information in real time by one single FX trader, who manages the prices.

Key features

  • Based on an access right structure, D3 websheets can access any D3 price sheet with pre-defined layouts.
  • D3 websheets can be used to calculate any cross combination and broken dates incl. FX forward forwards.
  • Traders from the interbank desk can pre-define the spreads and turn currency pairs on or off at any time.
  • Cross simulations can be done on any price sheet.
  • Historic rollover and Par Forward can be executed.
  • Place your company logo on the white label user interface.
  • Define user groups like sales desk users or even clients with the option to implement tiered pricing.

It’s your choice, what the websheets columns should contain:

  • Swap points
  • Forward points
  • Points per day
  • Spread in basis points
  • Components for crosses
  • Tradable amounts
  • Dates
  • Number of days
  • Reference rates
  • Tradable amounts
  • Risk center / location
  • Sender
  • Status information

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