An ideal extension

D3 Websheets is a white-label, read-only extension to the D3 desktop client, designed for use by the sales desk. It enables the distribution of prices globally via a web browser, with no software installation.

With D3 Websheets, as with the D3 desktop client, users can access any D3 price sheet and calculate any cross-combination and broken date. Websheet columns can be customised according to user preference.

Key features

  • Access any D3 price sheet with pre-defined layouts
  • Calculate any cross-combination and broken date, including FX Forward Forwards
  • Spreads can be pre-defined and currency pairs turned on/off at any time
  • Ability to do cross simulations on any price sheet
  • Ability to execute historic rollover and Par Forward
  • White label user interface

It’s your choice, what the websheets columns should contain:

  • Swap points
  • Points per day
  • Spread in basis points
  • Components for crosses
  • Tradable amounts
  • Dates
  • Number of days
  • Reference rates
  • Risk center / location
  • Sender
  • Status information

frequently asked questions

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