D3 Lite

Access the core pricing engine used by the world’s leading FX trading rooms and go live within days, no coding necessary.

D3 Lite provides some of the key functionalities of our market leading D3 Multi Asset Pricing Engine, however, with no hardware requirements and lower performance demands.

Leveraging web based plug-and-play technology as well as an intuitive GUI, D3 Lite can be ready to use within days. D3 Lite clients use the award-winning DIGITEC/360T Swaps Data Feed (SDF) as their only needed and most accurate market data source.

Reflecting the sophisticated, blended average of 20 major banks, the SDF offers full granularity across the curve from O/N out to up to five years and is available in over 40+ currency pairs (depending on your subscription) with a wide range of crosses.

Key Features

  1. 360T/DIGITEC SDF as only market data source required to build fully automated, accurate real-time curves.
  2. FX Forward curve construction with daily accuracy in any currency pair (subscription dependent)
  3. Pricing of Swaps including Forward-Forward Swaps, FX Forward, NDF and NDS for any date, including broken dates.
  4. Direct control over tenors including manual, scheduled  activation and deactivation of individual tenors or of the entire curve.
  5. Price manipulation through addition of margins, various bid-offer spread adjustments, skewing and manual overwrites
  6. Charting of different curves to identify market opportunities

Going live has never been simpler: As a web-based Plug-and-play application hosted by DIGITEC, users can go live within days – no coding, no hardware required. We simply need to whitelist your IP address and go:

The intuitive interface allows users to start using D3 with simply one training session, however, more training can be arranged at any time. Please get in touch with us to learn more about D3 Lite and our monthly subscription offers.

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